Marketing Strategy, Promotions – Bonnie Plants

In addition to social media strategy and content, I had the enjoyable opportunity to craft new marketing programs such as the Bonnie Plants Dirty Fingernail Club™ or seasonal sweepstakes and campaigns to increase brand loyalty and engagement. A social media hashtag turned into a fun fan club, which grew into an online store of branded merchandise.

Our lean team also collaborated to launch the first Bonnie Plants app, a website redesign, blogger events, e-commerce components and shipping materials, and more.


Bonnie Plants

Roles & Responsibilities

Managed as the central liaison between Executive, Marketing, PR, Customer Service, Media, Agency, Sales and Retailers. Developed strategy and implementation for inbound marketing and outbound communications.

Services & Skills

Writer, Grower/Gardener, Marketing Strategy, Creative Ideation, Promo/Program Development, Wrangler of words and images for 1002 uses.