Online Media Kits and Sales Tools for 27 GVM Brands

To play in the digital ad sales arena, 27 brands within five industries needed a media makeover. Working with a lean creative team, we created WordPress-based sites and sales materials. From wireframe to custom widgets, these sites house necessary sales forms, sheet, samples and contact information.


Grand View Media

Roles & Responsibilities

Recruited for an opportunity to build a new corporate brand and new marketing team of four. Senior executive team member serving 26 brands in 5 industrial or agricultural markets.

• Goals were two-fold: sales strategy by creating and marketing new digital advertising products and sales tools; corporate communication and culture of the re-envisioned company.

• Examples include: strategy, architecture, UX/UI, copy for corporate site and 26 media kit sites; sales strategy for email, mobile and social media; planned national sales conference event; concept for new office renovation; employee onboarding and corporate culture

Services & Skills

Marketing strategy, copywriting, UX/UI, content strategy, sales positioning, ad program development.